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Walk and Bike to School Days

Pueblo Walk to School Event 


The City of Scottsdale is committed to providing safe and friendly neighborhoods and streets throughout the city. One of the ways we do this is assisting schools with Walk and Bike to School events each year.

Walk and Bike to School events are simple, low cost events to put together and can held on a yearly, monthly or weekly basis. City staff from Fire, Police and Transportation is available and willing to assist you in getting this worthwhile program started in your school. We can make presentations at school assemblies, to PTO members, provide route maps, write brief articles for weekly/monthly newsletters, and provide incentives and rewards for participants.

There are many benefits to holding Walk & Bike to School events including:
  • Helps the environment, less cars/exhaust on the road
  • Improves health, increase activity for children, teachers and parents
  • Decreases traffic near schools during rush hour, 20–25%
  • You don’t need any special skills, equipment, fees to do it
  • Can reduce expenses for schools (need for hazardous busing – busing out of district)
  • Increases children’s sense of freedom
  • Teaches safety skills as pedestrians and bicyclists

Just pick a day of the week to hold the event that works best for your school and give it a name. Some suggestions are:

  • Two-Step Tuesdays
  • Walking Wednesdays
  • Traveling Thursdays
  • Feet First Fridays

Feel free to create your own name or have a contest to name the event.

Walk and Bike to School is a nationwide event. Additional information can be found on the web at www.saferoutesinfo.org. Actively promoting Walk to School throughout the month could also transition smoothly into the launch of a year-round walking program, with which we would also be available to assist in coordination.

To coordinate a walk to school event, please contact:
Lori Schmidt
City of Scottsdale Fire Department


Susan Conklu
City of Scottsdale Transportation

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