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Planning for the Future

On July 1, 2014, Scottsdale Fire Department celebrated its 9th Anniversary. Since our formation the department has undergone substantial change. The one constant throughout our years of service has been our focus on delivering the highest caliber of emergency services to the residents, visitors and businesses in Scottsdale.

Our mission statement embodies our sole purpose. It reads “We Care for You”. The Scottsdale Fire Department is an all-hazards prevention and response organization that strives to meet the needs of our customers regardless of circumstance. We remain an integral member of the most progressive fire service response system in the United States known as the Phoenix Regional Dispatch and Deployment System.

Scottsdale remains a key destination point for visitors who attend conferences, major sporting and entertainment events and the amazing Sonoran Mountain Preserve. The fire department meets the needs of these visitors by assuring that the emergency services they receive are state of the art. We actively collaborate with Scottsdale Health Care to provide the highest level of pre-hospital care possible.

The fire department has capitalized on the downturn in the economy and its recovery from recession by evaluating the most effective ways to connect with the community, evaluate processes to find improvements and to assure workforce sustainability.

As we look to the coming year we will continue to take opportunities to find efficiencies in our business model. Caring for the community means taking the steps to mitigate hazards, establish strong foundations for fire prevention and ensuring that our response methodology is timely and effective. I am most proud to represent an employee group who seeks only to care for others in the most contemporary way possible.

The following is a list of current and proposed fire station projects that will help meet our department mission of reducing property damage and saving lives:

  • Build a permanent Fire Station 13 centrally located within the station's response area to reduce response times and provide coverage for underserved areas and new and developing neighborhoods.
    - Status: Evaluating potential sites
    - Site Selection Criteria (pdf/39 kb/1 pg)
    - Project Information  
  • Acquire replacement aerial ladder to replace serviced-out apparatus.
  • Evaluate relocation of Fire Station 4 (currently near 90th Street and Via Linda) that allows for housing of appropriate apparatus and fire equipment, incorporates required and necessary functions into the station, and provides coverage for underserved areas.
  • Evaluate relocation of Fire Station 3 (currently near McDonald Drive and Scottsdale Road) to the vicinity of McDonald Drive and Hayden Road. This would move the fire station to a more central location in the City and provide improved coverage in the area.
  • Build a permanent facility for Fire Station 16 closer to Cave Creek Road to reduce response times and develop a fire station that supports operational requirements.
    - Status: Land purchased
    - Frequently Asked Questions about Fire Station 16
  • Build a permanent Fire Station 12 in the vicinity of Loop 101 and Hayden Road to provide coverage for high-density, mixed-use construction planned in the area.

Scottsdale Fire Department is committed to improving our performance and increasing community satisfaction in the service we provide.

The Standards of Response Coverage document guides our decisions for fire station placement.  Read it here: Standards of Response Coverage - (pdf/7mb/182pp)

Please take a moment send me your questions and suggestions about this plan.

Thank you for your support.
Fire Chief Tom Shannon

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