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Emergency Medical Services

EMSEach year, medical emergencies make up nearly 70 percent of calls for service.

All Scottsdale Fire engine and ladder companies are staffed with skilled emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics who provide advanced life support skills and fight fires. Emergency response personnel also receive extensive training and work closely with local hospitals and ambulance service providers to provide the highest level of care. Highly trained Scottsdale firefighters are the primary providers of out-of-hospital emergency medical care.


Bike Team

The Scottsdale Fire Department Bike Team is made up of 24 firefighters who respond to medical emergencies at more than ten, year-round, special events in Scottsdale. Their bikes are equipped with a variety of emergency-medical supplies, designed to treat a range of injuries, from a minor cut to a potentially-life-threatening heart attack.

Safety is the No. 1 priority for the Bike Team. There are a number of steps they take before every ride, including putting on their protective equipment and making sure their bike is safe and operating smoothly. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or leisure cyclist; a helmet is a must for riders of all ages.

Here are four key tips for staying safe while riding:

Wear a Helmet
  • Most bike deaths result from a head injury--bike helmets save lives
  • Bike helmets should be snug, level, and stable
  • To check position, place two fingers above your eyebrow--this is where the front of your helmet should rest
  • Adjust the side straps so the “V” where the straps join is under each ear; buckle the strap tight enough so that it’s snug when you open your mouth wide
  • After a crash or impact to your helmet, get a new one right away
See and Be Seen
  • Ride so cars and other vehicles can see you
  • Wear bright colors or clothes that reflect light--especially at night
  • If you ride at night, get a headlight for the front of your bike and reflectors for the front and back of your bike
Follow the Rules
  • Bikes have to follow the same traffic rules and signs as cars
  • You must ride in the same direction as the cars are going
  • If with a group, or approaching other riders, stay single file
  • Signal when you want to stop or turn
  • Watch out for holes, wet leaves, debris, or cracks in the street that may make you crash
Maintain your Bicycle
  • Check your brakes, tire pressure, seat height, and chain before each ride
  • If you are not comfortable performing your own maintenance, take your bicycle to a local bike shop for a regular tune-up
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