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2014 Candidate Listing

The contact information on this page, including campaign website addresses, was provided by the candidates and posted exactly as submitted. It is made available solely for the general information of voters and is not intended to be an endorsement of any candidate, or approval of information provided by the candidate.




Michael Auerbach
Auerbach for City Council Scottsdale 2014
Phone: (480) 492-7553
Email: michael@auerbachforcitycouncil.com
Website: www.auerbachforcitycouncil.com


Bill Crawford
Vote Bill Crawford
Phone: (602) 576-6797
Email: votebillcrawford@aol.com
Website: www.votebillcrawford.net


Cindy Hill
Elect Cindy Hill
Phone: (480) 695-2494
Email: electcindyhill@gmail.com
Website: www.electcindyhill.com


Kathy Littlefield
Littlefield for Council
Phone: (480) 951-2549
Email: kathy@kathylittlefield.com
Website: www.kathylittlefield.com


Linda Milhaven
Milhaven for Scottsdale
Phone: (602) 690-0901
Email: linda@milhaventforscottsdale.com
Website: www.milhavenforscottsdale.com


Jennifer Petersen
Elect Jennifer Petersen
Phone: (480) 320-1125
Email: jennifer@electjenniferpetersen.com
Website: www.electjenniferpetersen.com


Dennis Robbins
Robbins for Council
Phone: (480) 994-0302
Email: azdrob@aol.com
Website: www.votedennisrobbins.com


David N. Smith
Elect David N. Smith to Council
Phone: (480) 369-7482
Email: elect_davidnsmith@aol.com
Website: www.electdavidsmith.com