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2008 Candidate Listing

The contact information on this page, including candidate website addresses, was provided by the candidates and posted exactly as submitted.  It is made available solely for the information of voters and is not intended as an endorsement of any candidate, or approval of information provided by the candidate.

2008 Candidate Information Pamphlet
Mayoral Candidates
W.J. "Jim" Lane
Phone: 480-483-0819
Website:  www.lane4scottsdale.com
E-mail: wjlane@lane4scottsdale.com
Mary Manross
Phone: 480-948-9120
Website: www.marymanross.com
E-mail: mary.manross@cox.net
Council Candidates
Lisa Borowsky
Phone: 480-991-3656
Website: www.lisaborowsky.com
E-mail: lisa@lisaborowsky.com
Betty Drake
Phone: 480-998-1305
Website: www.bettydrake.com
E-mail: drakeforcouncil@aol.com
Tom Giller
Phone: 480-947-3654
Website: www.tomgiller.com
E-mail: votegiller08@cox.net
Suzanne Klapp
Phone: 480-767-9660
Website: www.suzanneklapp.com
E-mail: suzanneklapp@flash.net
Ron McCullagh
Phone: 480-990-9200
Website: www.votemccullagh.com
E-mail: ronmccullagh@aol.com
Nan Nesvig
Phone: 480-368-8701
Website: www.nannesvig.com
E-mail: nannesvig@aol.com