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Neighborhood College Program

Winter/Spring 2015 Class Schedule

In Scottsdale, the success of our community is defined by how we as individuals address and respond to neighborhood issues and challenges. Believing that one person can make a difference, the City of Scottsdale developed the Neighborhood College to provide residents, neighborhood groups and homeowners associations with the information, resources and tools needed to become effective neighborhood leaders. These classes are opened to all Scottsdale residents and our professional, volunteer instructors invite you to participate in the following no-cost Neighborhood College classes.

For more information about these classes or to register call 480-312-3111.
Pre-registration is required for all classes.





Feb 3   Records Retention
Feb 11   Insurance for your HOA
Feb 19   The Great Debate, Part II
Feb 24   Social Security
Feb 26   The Architecture Review Process - Tips to Consider and Pitfalls to Avoid
Mar 5   HOA Law 101
Mar 9   Medicare
Mar 18   Reserve Studies
Mar 23   Fiduciary Responsibilities of HOA Board Members
Mar 31   Technology in Community Assoications
Apr 7   Got Delinquencies?


Records Retention

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 6:00pm-8:00pm, Mustang Library Auditorium, 10101 N. 90th St. 
This seminar is designed to help HOAs understand what HOA documents must be kept on file and how long said documents must be kept. This seminar is also designed to provide guidance to HOAs concerning how to honor the requests of Members to view HOA records and what records the HOA must provide to Members. 

insurance for your hoa

Wednesday, Feb. 11, 6:00pm-8:00pm – Community Design Studio, 7506 E. Indian School Rd.

As a board member you are currently tasked with deciding many issues facing your community. One of those issues is deciding the right insurance coverage for your community. But exactly what is the right coverage? Is there a difference between purchasing insurance coverage for a Single-Family association vs. a Condo/Patio Home/Townhome association? What role do the association CC&Rs play in setting up an insurance policy? Why should a community association carry directors/officers coverage? All these questions and more will be answered during our 2 hour presentation discussing the insurance needs of community associations.

The great debate, part ii

Thursday, Feb. 19, 6:00 – 8:00pm – Mustang Library Auditorium, 10101 N. 90th St.

This lively seminar will pit lawyer versus lawyer to discuss both sides of the most popular HOA issues in Scottsdale. Augustus H. Shaw IV, Esq., CCAL, a longtime HOA lawyer, will take the side of HOAs. Roger Wood, Esq. will take the side of the Owners who live in HOAs. This unique seminar is a wonderful opportunity that should not be missed.

Social Security

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 1:00 – 3:00pm -- Mustang Library Book Discussion Room, 10101 N. 90th St.

This presentation reviews Social Security’s core benefits including: retirement, disability, survivors, Medicare, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

The Architecture Review Process – Tips to Consider and Pitfalls to Avoid

Thursday, Feb. 26, 6:00 – 8:00pm – Community Design Studio, 7506 E. Indian School Rd

An architectural modification gone wrong has the potential to turn a friendly community into a hostile environment. It can also lead to construction of undesirable improvements in the community that the association never intended to allow. The key to avoiding these situations is being proactive and examining the association’s architectural review process upfront. Does the association’s process comply with the requirements of its governing documents and applicable law? Is the association incurring or charging unauthorized costs or fees? Is the association aware of “red flags” to look for when reviewing architectural modification requests? This seminar will address the above questions and over 20 common issues that arise with respect to the architectural review process.

HOA Law 101

Thursday, Mar. 5, 6:00-8:00pm - Mustang Library Auditorium, 10101 N. 90th St.

This seminar will provide the basic legal principles that govern HOAs in Arizona and help both owners and Board Members understand the laws that apply to Arizona HOAs.


Monday, Mar. 9, 6:00 – 8:00pm – Community Design Studio, 7506 E. Indian School Road

This presentation offers an overview and comparison of traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage (Part C), including how Parts A, B, and D work with both traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage.

Reserve Studies

Wednesday, Mar. 18, 1:00 – 3:00pm -- Mustang Library Book Discussion Room, 10101 N. 90th St.

An association should conduct a reserve study and fund it so as to avoid surprises, such as special assessments, loss of use of an amenity, and/or borrowing money to repair or replace a component. This class will educate the Board on their fiduciary duty as an HOA Board member, which is to preserve, maintain, and enhance the value of the assets of the community.

Fiduciary Responsibilities of HOA Board Members

Monday, Mar. 23, 6:00 – 8:00pm – Community Design Studio, 7506 E. Indian School Rd

This session will touch on the “Top 10 Fundamentals” of being an effective and knowledgeable Board Member. We will identify the responsibilities and give a broad view of how all the working parts of an HOA or Condominium Association come together and attendees will walk away with an understanding of how even the smallest decisions can have unintended consequences. Areas to be discussed include: CC&R’s, bylaws, and rules & regulations; roles of the Board and of the homeowner; service providers; reserves & budgets; assessments; bills; and delinquencies.

Technology in Community Associations

Tuesday, Mar. 31, 1:00-3:00pm - Mustang Library Auditorium, 10101 N. 90th St.

Technology can be used productively in community associations, but it is important to know when and how to use it legally. Learn about board member email communication, use of voting by fax and email and the use of proper telephone conferencing and videotelephony technology for meetings. Additionally, we will look at websites, how to set up, use association rosters, how to monitor and maintain the website and the use of social media: Facebook and Nextdoor.

Got Delinquencies?

Tuesday, Apr. 7, 1:00-3:00pm - Mustang Library Auditorium, 10101 N. 90th St.

Does your association have owners who are not paying their assessments? Learn how to aggressively collect delinquent assessments from owners through the use of credit analysis, justice court or foreclosure lawsuits or through the garnishing of wages, bank accounts or rent. In addition, learn how to protect the association in the event an owner files bankruptcy or has a trustee’s sale noticed on their lot or unit.

For more information about these classes call 480-312-3111.