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American FactFinder

Developed and maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau


American FactFinder is a site on the Internet that is developed and maintained by the U.S. Census Bureau. A recent addition provides quick and very useful access to demographic fact sheets, thematic maps, and information briefs for a significant selection of general, social, economic and housing characteristics down to citywide, individual zipcode, census tract, block group and block levels.


Click on the link to go to American FactFinder: http://factfinder.census.gov/ leavingcos.gif (340 bytes)


  • In the 'Fast Access to Information' section in the top middle part of that page, click on the 'Fact Sheet' link to go to a U.S. Fact Sheet.
  • Then, fill in the geography (street address, city, state, zipcode) you are interested in, and click the 'GO' button to go to a Fact Sheet for that geography.
  • Then, click on the 'map' link for any specific data line to produce a thematic map for that data item; e.g., the 'Total Population' map link will produce a map showing population density per square mile by census tract. Select the 'identify' button above the map box on that map and click on any census tract on the map to produce a pop-up box giving the tract number, area in square miles, and population density per square mile for that tract.
  • The map links for each data line provide a different thematic map. On each map page, you have the ability to modify the size of the map, change the geography, and print and download maps.
  • The 'brief' links for each data line provide very informative briefs about that specific data item in a .pdf format that also can be downloaded and printed.