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September's Environmental Quality is Pollution Prevention


Eco says: As my friend Woodsy Owl says "Give a Hoot,
Don't Pollute!"
  Pollution Prevention (P2) is a nationally recognized program to reduce or eliminate toxic pollutants from our waste stream.

The P2 hierarchy:

  • Don't buy chemicals that pollute.
  • Buy only what you need
  • Use them up
  • Recycle them
  • Dispose (lawfully) as a last resort

Water P2 tip:

  • Contain auto fluids when doing maintenance.  Rain washes the spilled fluids into our rivers and water supply.

Air P2 tip:

  • Drive less and use alternative fuels. Automobiles are the major source of air pollution in our country.

Soil P2 tip:

  • Use any chemicals carefully. Small amounts add up. The can pollute the land and seep into the underground water supply.

Down the Drain P2 tip:

  • Dispose of toxic substances properly. What goes down the drain can end up in rivers and the water supply.

"We not only have the responsibility, but the power to make our planet a great and healthier place." Graham Nash