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June's Environmental Qualilty is Shopping Green


Eco says: Close the loop!
Buy products with recycled content and packaging made from recycled material.  Check the labels, look for the recycled arrow, the Green Seal check mark or Scientific Certification cross and globe.

Check Out Eco's Shopping Tips!

Reduce Where You Can

Buy to match your need, buy in bulk and buy items with minimal packaging.

  • NEED - Buy fewer large size containers of products  such as packaged food, detergents and cleaning supplies, pet foods and cat litter
  • BULK - Buy unpackaged items that you bag yourself, such as rice, beans, nuts, candy, trail mix and other snacks and fresh fruits and Vegetables
  • MINIMAL PACKAGING - Buys products such as cereal in plastic bags, specially packaged refills for cleaning products and avoid containers with exterior plastic wrapping

Plan Ahead

  • Make a List
  • Make as few trips as possible
  • Buy as much as possible in one store, shopping center or one area.
  • If you need just an item or two, consider riding your bike or walking to the store
  • Shop on-line

And Remember

  • Bring Your Own Bags!

"No one person has to do it all, but if each one of us follows our heart and our own inclinations, we will find the small things that we can do and together we will come up with enough to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment." John Denver