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February's Environmental Quality is Preservation


Eco says: Take nothing and leave only footprints.
The protection of land resources in our country ranges from preservation of wetlands and other wildlife habitats to the maintenance of greenbelts and other open space around cities and scenic vistas. Preservation enhances everyone's quality of life.

These areas provide scenic vistas as well as habitat for local flora and fauna such as:

  • saguaro, barrel, ocotillo and yucca cacti
  • creosote bush
  • palo verde, acacia and mesquite trees

Native vegetation plays a vital role. Its presence helps to prevent erosion, provides food and shelter for desert wildlife, and acts as shade for the desert floor

  • Hawk, blackbird, heron, swallow, owl, roadrunner, woodpecker
  • lizards and snakes
  • desert tortoise
  • javelina and coyote

It is illegal to take wildlife out of the wild. They are wild, not companion animals and they have a job to do in nature.

In Scottsdale there are programs for both natural and developed open space:

Contact the City's Preservation Office for more information on natural preserve programs in the Sonoran Desert and McDowell Mountains planned to contain 36,400 acres. 

Contact the City's Parks Office for more information on developed open space which currently exceeds 1,000 acres with an additional 398 planned.  480-312-2722.


"Now I see the secret of the making of the best persons.  It is to grow up in the open air, and to eat and sleep with the earth."
            Walt Whitman