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December's Environmental Quality is Air Quality


Eco says: Take ownership for improving air quality. From air ducts to automobiles, indoors and outdoors, here are things you can do.


Indoor Air Quality:

  • Regular maintenance of heating/air conditioning system
  • Clean out ducts periodically
  • Eliminate standing pools of water anywhere in the system
  • Remember that new carpet mastic, drapes, etc. impact indoor air quality, so open windows and increase circulation of fresh air

Outdoor Air Quality:

  • Drive automobiles less
  • Consolidate trips, plan routes in advance & get traffic updates to avoid congested routes
  • Work flex schedules and telework (telecommute)
  • Carpool/vanpool and Use mass transit
  • Get fuel when it's cool and don't top of the tank
  • Add gas logs or an EPA approved insert to your fireplace
  • On air pollution advisory days - make special efforts to do even more


  • saving energy also contributes to clean air by avoiding the pollution produced by energy generation

"Air pollution is not merely a nuisance and a threat to health. It is a reminder that our most celebrated technological achievements...are, in the environment, failures." Barry Commoner