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April's Environmental Quality is Stewardship


Eco says: Every Day is Earth Day!

Environmental Stewardship is everybody's responsibility.   Be part of the solution not the problem.   Everyday, show your stewardship by doing something good for the Earth.

Check Out Eco's Stewardship Tips!

Air Quality

  • Carpool, take the bus , walk, ride a bike or drive an alternate fuel vehicle to commute and run errands
  • Use manual or electric power for lawn mover and other landscaping equipment instead of gasoline

Water & Land Quality

Resource Conservation

  • Install low flow faucets, shower heads and toilet tank devices
  • Install compact fluorescent lamps in place of incandescent and turn off the lights when the area is not being used

Environmental Education

  • Take responsibility for your environmental education
  • Seek information from your local Library, television, environmental office, newspapers and radio
  • Attend local environmental events

Try Something New!

Treat the Earth well.  It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children"     Anonymous