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Signal Equipment Submittals (Revised 03/04)

Use this as a checklist when preparing equipment submittals for signal installations or design modifications. All items are required for new signals. Design modifications may require less. Provide cut sheets for all items to be included.
Refer questions to the COS Signals Supervisor at 480-312-5620.

Signal Equipment Submittal Checklist - (Revised - 03/04)

1.   Pole Cages
2.   Conduit (red if in SRP area) Bell Ends, 2-1/2" Schedule 40, expansion
      joints every 100 ft, all conduit above ground galvanized through 1st sweep
3.   Warning Tape (red installed 12" below grade)
4.   Pullboxes (Composite type ADOT #7 and #5 with "Traffic Signal" on lids)
5.   Pole anchor bolts and hardware
6.   Foundation bolts and hardware
7.   Poles and Mast Arms
8.   Pullbox Fill (cleaned #57 Rock)
9.   Signal IMSA Cable (IMSA 19-1 in 20 conductor, 7 conductor
      and 4 conductor, all stranded)
10.  Loop Leadin cable (IMSA 50-2.)
11.  Loop Wire (IMSA 51-5 with orange PVC jacket)
12.  Communication Wire (Beldon 9418 or approved equivalent)
13.  Bare Bond Wire
14.  Pushbutton Wire (Orange and white stranded 14 gauge thin)
15.  Loop sealant (Griggs, TA500, 3M, hot rubber)
16.  Luminaire Wire (UF Romex)
17.  Electric Service Wire (#8 stranded black and white)
18.  Signal & Ped hardware
19.  Signal & Ped heads
20.  LEDs (all indications)
21.  Ped Pushbuttons (large target ADA.)
22.  Paint (Special 2 part Western Reserve for any signal north of CAP, else
       other special, else gloss white powder coat)
23.  Audio Crosswalk devices (Sonalert brand cuckoo and chirps)
24.  Ped Pushbutton Placards (2 color muti-instructional)
25.  Metro Signs.
26.  Luminaire Heads (Small GE Cobra with multitap transformer)
27.  Photocells (Area Lighting Research 2172NP3)
28.  Electrical Service Cabinet (MEUG16 or approved equivalent with PE Cell,
       Contactor and Auto/Test Switch)
29.  Controller Cabinet (type 170 model 330 with 12" extender base)
30.  Controller Unit (170ATC/HC11)
31.  Conflict Monitor (210E or 210P)
32.  Load Switches (shall have looped handle)
33.  Pre-emption Phase Selector (model 751)
34.  Pre-emption Detectors (model 721)
35.  Modem (model 400.)
36.  Communication Surge Surpressor (Edco, model PC642C - 008D)
37.  Loop Leading Surge Surpressor (Edco, model SRA6LCB)
38.  UPS - if required
       (Meyers Powerback - 2000, model PB-2000ITS in 336S cabinet)

For questions or concerns regarding traffic signal construction or maintenance, please call City of Scottsdale Traffic Signals at 480-312-5620, or email Traffic Operations