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Pole Foundation Conduit Requirements

In order to easily accommodate IMSA cable from pullbox to signal faces, Scottsdale now installs two 2-1/2” schedule 40 conduits to all “Q” and “R” pole bases.  In addition, for any pole anticipated as a possible future cell tower site, we add two   2-1/2" sweep stubouts to the back of the pole foundation and mark the foundation with a knotch or line.


Printable  8 1/2" X 11" PDF Version ( 39KB - 2 pages )


poleconduit1 poleconduit2

Future Cell Tower/Signal "R" Pole


  1. Stub-outs shall terminate at
    back of pole foundation away from
    intersection toward right of way.
  1. Cell Tower/Signal Pole requires special foundation and cage.
    Drawing Provided
    (pdf 33KB - 1page)
Standard “Q” or “R” Signal Pole