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Traffic Signal Pole Painting Specifications - Western Reserve (Revised 03/04)

The paint color for north Scottsdale Rd. traffic signal poles and streetlight fixtures is Frazee Deero, "Western Reserve", # 8716N.  The color should be cross-referenced with specified paint manufacturers' color chart to insure consistency with existing poles on north Scottsdale Rd.

Product Information can be acquired from Frazee Paint & Wallcovering, 15125 N. Hayden, Scottsdale, AZ. 85260 or by calling 480-948-7829 or fax at 480-998-1641

Note: The control cabinet is not to be painted this color.  The control cabinet should be painted ADOT #11 white.

  • Contractor shall wipe down entire pole, mast arm(s), and luminaire(s) with an EPA approved cleaning solution prior to the first application of paint.
  • Paint is to be applied with a carpet type roller with a ” nap, synthetic cover such as an EZ Paintr Pronel or equivalent.  Rollers and brushes are to be supplied by Contractor.
  • Each pole will receive one primer coat prior to painting.  The coat shall have a minimum dry film thickness of 2 mils. The primer, whether supplied by the city or the contractor, shall be Devoe 235 Bar-Rust Epoxy, or TNEMEC Chembuild Series 135 epoxy, (or approved equal).  The primer coat shall be allowed to dry at least 12 hours before applying the paint coat.
  • Each pole and mast arm shall receive one coat of paint with a total dry film thickness of no less than 2 mils.  The paint, whether supplied by the city or the contractor, shall be TNEMEC Series 73 Endura Shield III, or Devoe 379 Devthane Urethane, (or an approved equal). The contractor shall insure that the paint manufacturer’s mixing and application instructions are followed precisely.
  • A single clear coat shall be applied after the paint coat has dried at least 12 hours. The clear coat finish shall have a dry film thickness of at least 2 mils. The clear coat paint, whether supplied by the city or the contractor, shall be of TNEMEC Series 76 Endura-Clear, or Devoe 379 Clear Urethane, (or approved equal). The final clear coat of paint shall be applied within 10 working days of the application of the first paint coat.
  • Paint shall be applied only on thoroughly dry surfaces and only when the ambient and surface temperature is between 50 and 100 Fahrenheit. Paint shall not be applied when the air is misty or when weather conditions are expected which might damage the work.  If fresh paint is damaged by the elements, it shall be replaced or repaired by the contractor at his expense.
  • The finished coating shall be uniform, completely covering all exposed portions of the painted structure.  The coating shall be free of sags, pits, craters, and embedded particles.
For questions or concerns regarding traffic signal construction or maintenance, please call City of Scottsdale Traffic Signals at 480-312-5634, or email NAkin@ScottsdaleAZ.gov