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Traffic Signal LED Requirements (Revised 03/04)

The City of Scottsdale now uses LED signals for most indications.   Contractors building signals in Scottsdale shall use Wide Viewing Angle LED Modules which meet the city requirements including the following wattages. A copy of the City of Scottsdale LED specification may be obtained from Traffic Operations Main # 480-312-5620.

LED vendors/distributors include:
Phoenix Highway Products/Dialight (623) 434-0509.


Wattage (Maximum)

8 inch Red Ball

12 inch Red Ball 15
12 inch Red Arrow 9
8 inch Green Ball 8
12 inch Green Ball 11
16 inch Pedestrian "Man/Hand" 10.5

For questions or concerns regarding traffic signal construction or maintenance, please call City of Scottsdale Traffic Signals at 480-312-5620, or email Traffic Operations