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Traffic Signals - General Notes (Revised 03/04)

Pole Foundations:

shall be flat, not dished or blocked/out.  Foundations shall be no lower than back of sidewalk and/or 6-1/2" above the crown of the road and shall not be grouted.   All Q or R pole foundations shall have two 2-1/2" PVC conduits leading to adjacent pullbox.


shall be concrete/fiber composite type and shall include minimum 8" extension on main pullbox.  All boxes shall be sized in accordance with ADOT # 7 or ADOT # 5 as called for on the prints or as specified by the Traffic Signal Inspector.  As a general rule, #5 boxes are to be used only for communication and end runs.  All inside the horseshoe pullboxes and main pullboxes, shall be sized # 7.


Underground As-Built prints or "red-lined" prints shall be provided to the Traffic Signal Inspector prior to new signal turn-on.  New or modified signals will no longer be turned on prior to receiving red-lined prints.  All Redlined prints shall be signed by the project foreman with the company name and phone number.  If no changes were made to conduits, pullboxes or pole locations, a copy of the signal print shall be provided stating "No Changes Made" and signed by the project foreman with the company name and phone number.

Cabinet Foundations:

The cabinet foundation shall project 6 inches above the adjacent (ultimate) ground elevation.  The cabinet foundation shall extend 36 inches below the adjacent ground elevation.  It shall be 30" x 30" with a 4" x 30" x 36" tech pad in front of cabinet door.  Tech pad will have a slight taper away from cabinet to allow for run-off.  Foundation surface shall be smooth finish for easy cleaning and tech pad surface shall be brush or broom finish for traction.  The controller cabinet shall include lightning arrest ground rod.  The foundation shall have a total of three 2-1/2" conduits and two 2" conduits in accordance with Electrical Service Conduits Requirements webpage.  This includes one 2-1/2" future stubout, the direction of which shall be clearly and permanently indicated on top of the foundation.   If any conflict in specification exists, this paragraph shall take precedence.

Pole Wiring:

Outside overheads and sidemounts shall be wired with IMSA 19-1 stranded 7 conductor.   Through indications shall be wired with IMSA 19-1 stranded 4 conductor.  All heads and pullboxes shall have 8 – 10” of outer jacket sheathing to protect from water and electrical shorts.  Undergrounds shall also have sheathing.