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Model 330 Cabinet Extender Base (Revised 03/04)

Model 330 cabinet 16"  or 18" tall extender base will include cutouts which will accomodate replacement with all other Scottsdale 330 cabinets and model 336S.  Extender base shall be the same dimensions as the 330 cabinet and not extend out (bolted from within/not flanged).   Extender base shall have a removable 12" X 12" access panel which is secured by predrilled and tapped machine screws. These extendor bases are available from the cabinet manufacturer.

All Scottsdale cabinets are foundation mounted.
Foundation must also include a 4" x 30" x 36" concrete "tech" pad in front of cabinet door. The cabinet shall be mounted in such a way that when the technician has the door open and is facing the cabinet, he is also facing the intersection.  Please revise engineering plans accordingly.  Extender base shall be mounted so that access panel is on door side (tech side) of cabinet.

Inside View of bottom side of extender base.  Top side bolt pattern need only meet 330 cabinet.