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Traffic Signal Audio Crosswalk Devices

ADA Audio Buzzer Request Form
The City of Scottsdale now uses audio crosswalk devices where requested by persons with special needs.   Contractors building signals in high pedestrian areas of Scottsdale shall install audio crosswalk devices into ped units.   Audible indications shall be cuckoo for North-South  800 Hz & 1200 hz repeating approximately every 1.5 seconds and Chirp for East-West 2000 Hz which repeats approximately every 1 second.    Devices shall be wired to the walk indication.   If incandescent ped units are being used, then the reflector may have to be modified to accommodate the placement of these devices. 

Approved devices include Mallory Sonalert VSB110-1 (north/south)  and VSB110-2 (east/west). 

For questions or concerns regarding traffic signal construction or maintenance, please call City of Scottsdale Traffic Operations at 480-312-5620.