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Purpose of the Design Standards and Policy Manual

The Design Standards and Policies Manual (DS&PM) presents clear and concise technical requirements, policies, and processes to enable design professionals to prepare plans and reports necessary for development of both public and private projects within the city.

The City of Scottsdale Planning and Development Service's mission is to assist the development and improvement of property in a way that protects the public's health, safety, and welfare, recognizes landowners' rights, and achieves the lasting value and quality of life. The city accomplishes this through processes that enable compliance with zoning and technical codes, and advance the community's vision and values, which are then reflected in the built environment.

This manual (2008 Update version) consists of eleven chapters that address the development process, site planning issues, land divisions, grading and drainage, transportation, water systems, wastewater systems, streetscapes, parks and trails, public works and facilities, native plants, and fire. The information is presented in a sequence that parallels developing a raw tract of land, from site planning and platting issues, to grading and drainage considerations and through the rest of the chapters.

These guidelines clarify and supplement requirements in the Scottsdale Revised Code, including the zoning and subdivision ordinances, floodplain and stormwater regulation, fire and building codes, and other regulations for land development and construction within Scottsdale. The intent is to assist homeowners, architects, developers, engineers, contractors, and others through the development process.


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