2008 Update - Summary of Changes

The 2008 City of Scottsdale Design Standards and Policies Manual will include the following revisions, clarifications and new policies. Please provide your feedback on these issues or others by using the link provided or calling 480-312-2786. 

  • For purposes of fire department access, the minimum width of divided roadways (subdivision entrances, for example) shall be 20 feet.
  • Contents of Section 2-3 “Fire” and other related topics will be collected in a new Chapter 11.
  • Dust free paving/surfacing is required for parking areas and driveways. New Policy
  • Landscape boulders and lighting are limited to privately maintained landscape areas. For all practical purposes this prohibits their use in public right of way.
  • Certain species of plants can no longer be used in landscape areas.
  • Preliminary plat requirements have been rewritten to clarify and better organize the policies.
  • Underground stormwater storage is now allowed in certain applications. Policies and limitations are described in Chapter 4.
  • Development along watercourses must now consider erosion set-back practices as described in Arizona Department of Water Resources and Flood Control District of Maricopa County publications (FCDMC).
  • Drainage design consultants are encouraged to use Drainage Design Management System for Windows (DDMSW) when preparing drainage reports.
  • Stormwater runoff estimates based on the rational method shall employ FCDMC methodology. Runoff curve number data and forms have been deleted from the Design Standards and Policies Manual.
  • Drainage reports submitted for review shall include PDF files.
  • Procedures for assuring adequate driving sight distance at left turn lanes have been added.
  • Figures describing auxiliary turning lanes have been modified slightly.
  • Design requirements for traffic roundabouts have been revised.
  • A water and sewer main Extension Participation Program is now available and may assist residential property owners who are required to extend utility lines to obtain residential service.
  • Redevelopment/reconstruction projects on residential or commercial property must comply with all current codes and policies relating to water line extensions, main sizing and service lines.
  • Five foot diameter manholes (when depth exceeds 10 feet) are no longer required.
  • Standard dimensions for softball and baseball fields are now specified.
  • Additional information will be required on landscape irrigation plans.
  • The standard Landscape Maintenance Block is revised to describe pruning standards and specify a three year private maintenance period.

Please be aware that several key ordinance and policy updates taking place this year will require significant updates to the 2009 edition.   

Questions or Comments on the Update? Contact Joe Morris at 480-312-2757.

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