2007 Update - Summary of Changes

  • Require aggregate base course under curb and gutter for consistent subgrade.
  • Screen utility cabinets and back flow prevention devices and locate away from view.
  • Incorporate new Downtown Design Guidelines, as applicable.
  • Require a clear zone between the built and natural environments for fire prevention.
  • Incorporate new Fire Code requirements; these may have significant implications for high rise buildings.
  • Incorporate new Land Divisions Ordinance requirements, as applicable.
  • Modify plant palette for medians and ROWs to minimize contact with vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Clarify maintenance responsibilities (for privately funded landscaping.
  • Clarify landscape irrigation requirements for neighborhood traffic management applications.
  • Add new temporary fencing requirements.
  • Update Stormwater Storage Waiver and In Lieu Fee policy.
  • Update round about design graphic.
  • Add bus stop accessibility and lighting requirements.
  • Incorporate applicable Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements throughout DS&PM.
  • Clarify material requirements for sewer lines.
  • Add requirements for waterline joint deflections.
  • Incorporate digital submittal requirements for Fire plans.
  • Incorporate a process for obtaining grading permits for septic systems and require their location outside of NAOS.
  • Add requirements for sound walls located within ESL area.
  • Add requirements for grading cuts and fills for Single Family Residential construction.
  • Create a separate chapter identifying and referencing Fire Department requirements.
  • Require all new pavement be machine placed, and eliminate option for hand-worked asphalt.
  • Clarify process for assigning addresses for properties, especially with changes from apartments to condos; identify process for enforcing address changes.
  • Establish standards for maintenance vehicle access to drainage facilities.
  • Modify List of Recommended Plants for Downtown.


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