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Standard Detail Drawings - 2600 Series - Landscape, Irrigation and Trail Information

2600 Series - Landscape, Irrigation and Trail Information (pdf/5.3mb/36pp)
(entire series in PDF format) 2012 Revision
Individual Drawings are provided in both PDF and DWG file formats.
DWG files require software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation.
2600-1   Minimum Tree Size Requirements PDF (21kb) XLS (161kb)
2600-2   Minimum Tree Size Requirements PDF (20kb) XLS (161kb)
2620-1   Landscape Details 2012 Revision PDF (249kb) DWG (208kb)
2620-2   Landscape Details 2012 Revision PDF (279kb) DWG (174kb)
2620-3   Landscape Details 2012 Revision PDF (249kb) DWG (211kb)
2620-4   Landscape Details 2012 Revision PDF (160kb) DWG (99kb)
2622     Landscape Concrete Header New for 2012 PDF (114kb)  DWG(69kb) 
2631   Irrinet Pedestal Mounted Controller 2012 Revision PDF (126kb) DWG (71kb)
2632   Scorpio Pedestal Mounted Controller 2012 Revision PDF (129kb) DWG (64kb)
2633   Scorpio Wall Mounted Controller 2012 Revision PDF (124kb) DWG (61kb)
2634   Irrinet Wall Mounted Controller 2012 Revision PDF (118kb) DWG (64kb)
2635-1   Solar Controller PDF (245kb) DWG (151kb)
2635-2   Solar Controller And Backflow Preventer Enclosure 2012 Revision PDF (156kb) DWG (130kb)
2636   Irrigation Push Button Control PDF (127kb) DWG (66kb)
2641-1   Single & Multi-Outlet Emitters 2012 Revision PDF (214kb) DWG (240kb)
2641-2   Irrigation Emitter Layout 2012 Revision PDF (139kb) DWG (78kb)
2642   Irrigation Trenching 2012 Revision PDF (134kb) DWG (121kb)
2643   Irrigation Thrust Block PDF (142kb) DWG (127kb)
2644   Rotor Sprinkler Assembly PDF (103kb) DWG (71kb)
2645   Pop-Up Sprinkler Assembly PDF (103kb) DWG (70kb)
2646   Shrub Pop-Up Sprinkler Assembly PDF (109kb) DWG (63kb)
2647   Drip Filter & Pressure Regulator 2012 Revision PDF (120kb) DWG (129kb)
2648   Emitter Flush Cap Assembly 2012 Revision PDF (107kb) DWG (89kb)
2649   Quick Coupler Assembly PDF (188kb) DWG (126kb)
2650   1-1/2" & Smaller Mainline Ball Valve 2012 Revision PDF (117kb) DWG (117kb)
2651   2" & Larger Mainline Isolation Gate Valve PDF (192kb) DWG (143kb)
2653   1-1/2" & Larger Master Valve/Flow Meter 2012 Revision PDF (1571kb) DWG (214kb)
2654   Remote Control Valve & Solar Controller Master Valve Assembly 2012 Revision PDF (206kb) DWG (409kb)
2655   Typical Irrigation Wire Connection PDF (94kb) DWG (58kb)
2656   Irrigation Wire Sleeving Chart PDF (131kb) DWG (46kb)
2680-1   Trail Access Gates PDF (159kb) DWG (99kb)
2680-2   Trail Access Gates PDF (168kb) DWG (77kb)
2681   Trail Water Bars PDF (151kb) DWG (226kb)
2682   Trail Safety Barriers PDF (133kb) DWG (80kb)
2683   Trail Signs 2012 Revision PDF (173kb) DWG (284kb)
2684   Trail Marker Sign  PDF (285kb) DWG (6.8mb)
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