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Standard Detail Drawings - 2500 Series - Storm Drain Information

2500 Series - Irrigation & Storm Drain Information (pdf)
(entire series in PDF format) 2015 Revision
Individual Drawings are provided in both PDF and DWG file formats.
DWG files require software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation.
2508   Handrail Detail PDF  DWG
2515-1   Wall Opening & Erosion Protection - Type 1  PDF  DWG
2515-2   Drainage Grate At Block Wall  PDF DWG
2515-3   Erosion Protection - Type 2 PDF DWG
2520   Storm Drain Manhole Cover PDF DWG
2535   Catch Basin Grates 2015 Revision PDF DWG
2554   Concrete Invert Paving For Corrugated Metal Pipe And Pipe Arch PDF DWG
2560-1   Storm Drain Inlet Marker


2560-2   Storm Drain Inlet Marker On Headwall PDF DWG
2560-3   Storm Drain Inlet Marker on Catch Basin/Scupper PDF DWG
2562-1   Storm Sewer Outfall Access Barrier PDF DWG
2562-2   Barrier Specifications Schedule PDF DWG