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Standard Detail Drawings - 2400 Series - Sanitary Sewer Information

2400 Series - Sanitary Sewer Information (pdf/1.2mb/8pp)
(entire series in PDF format)
Individual Drawings are provided in both PFD and DWG file formats.
DWG files require software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation.
2401   Sanitary Sewer Separation/Protection From Water & Utility PDF (140kb) DWG (45kb)
2402   Force Main Discharge Manhole PDF (86kb) DWG (257kb)
2403   Two-Way Force Main Cleanout, 3" & Above PDF (156kb) DWG (242kb)
2404   Force Main Cleanout With Sewage Air Release Valve PDF (169kb) DWG (250kb)
2405   Sewer Air Release Valve PDF (130kb) DWG (255kb)
2420   Water Tight Concrete Sewer Manhole PDF (84kb) DWG (258kb)
2421   Sanitary Sewer Manhole Cover PDF (183kb) DWG (168kb)
2460   Monitoring/Sampling Vault PDF (278kb) DWG (139kb)
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