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Standard Detail Drawings - 2200 Series - Street Information

2200 Series - Street Information  (pdf/8.1/49pp)
(entire series in PDF format) 2012 Revision
Individual Drawings are provided in both PDF and DWG file formats.
DWG files require software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation.
2200   Pavement Replacement PDF (307kb) DWG (592kb)
2201   Trench Bedding & Backfill PDF (283kb) DWG (152kb)
2202   Trench Plating PDF (121kb) DWG (213kb)
2207   Residential Unpaved Road PDF (94kb) DWG (109kb)
2210   Grading Behind The Curb PDF (168kb) DWG (110kb)
2220   Curb And Gutter - Types "A" & "B" PDF (175kb) DWG (87kb)
2221   Curb And Gutter - Types "M" & "W" PDF (185kb) DWG (107kb)
2225   Median Nose & Reverse Curve Details PDF (125kb) DWG (51kb)
2226   Median Nose Details PDF (141kb) DWG (102kb)
2228   Cut-Off Wall PDF (87kb) DWG (102kb)
2230   Sidewalk Cutout For Utility Poles PDF (103kb) DWG (80kb)
2231   Detectable Warning Surface 2012 Revision PDF (173kb) DWG (154kb)
2232   Directional Sidewalk Ramps 2012 Revision PDF (200kb) DWG (268kb)
2233-1   Directional Sidewalk Ramps Retrofit - Type "A"
2012 Revision
PDF  (234kb) DWG (337kb)
2233-2   Directional Sidewalk Ramps Retrofit - Type "B" 2012 Revision PDF (238kb) DWG (330kb)
2234   Shared Curb Sidewalk Ramp 2012 Revision PDF (185kb) DWG (342kb)
2235-1   Mid-Block Sidewalk Ramp - Type "A" 2012 Revision PDF (175kb) DWG (348kb)
2235-2   Mid-Block Sidewalk Ramp - Type "B" 2012 Revision PDF (160kb) DWG (222kb)
2237   Sidewalk Pavers (Non-Traffic Bearing) PDF (199kb) DWG (158kb)
2239   Median Concrete Pavers 2012 Revision PDF (178kb) DWG (189kb)
2240   6' Valley Gutter & Apron PDF (110kb) DWG (115kb)
2250   Driveway Entrances PDF (127kb) DWG (153kb)
2255   Residential Driveways  PDF (137kb) DWG (54kb)
2256   Commercial/Industrial Driveways-Type CL PDF (101kb) DWG (74kb)
2257   Commercial/Industrial Driveways-Type CH  PDF (130kb) DWG (66kb)
2258   Commercial/Industrial Driveways-Type CI  PDF (128kb) DWG (53kb)
2265-1   Bus Shelter - Foundation Plan 2012 Revision PDF (109kb) DWG (65kb)
2265-2   Bus Shelter - Framing Plan PDF (93kb) DWG (232kb)
2265-3   Bus Shelter - Sections PDF (180kb) DWG (296kb)
2265-4   Bus Shelter - Details PDF (103kb) DWG (241kb)
2265-5   Bus Shelter - Details PDF (101kb) DWG (244kb)
2265-6   Bus Shelter - Notes PDF (269kb) DWG (220kb)
2265-7   Bus Shelter - Abbreviations PDF (180kb) DWG (252kb)
2266-1   Closed End Bus Bay - Type "A" PDF (211kb) DWG (282kb)
2266-2   Closed End Bus Bay - Type "B" PDF (131kb) DWG (208kb)
2267   Far Side Bus Bay PDF (202kb) DWG (186kb)
2268   Base Slab And Foundations For Bus Stop Bench And Receptacles PDF (201kb) DWG (161kb)
2270   Frame & Cover Grade Adjustment PDF (191kb) DWG (130kb)
2282   Multi-Use Path Striping And Signing PDF (139kb) DWG (49kb)
2283   Multi-Use Path Details PDF (159kb) DWG (59kb)
2284   Multi-Use Path Wet Crossing Sign PDF (231kb) DWG (106kb)
2285   Double Bicycle Rack PDF (165kb) DWG (141kb)
2290-1   Median Island Details  PDF (127kb) DWG (50kb)
2290-2   Bulb Out/Choker Detail PDF (154kb) DWG (119kb)
2292-1   Speed Table Details 2012 Revision PDF (121kb) DWG (169kb)
2292-2   Speed Table Details PDF (206kb) DWG (111kb)
2293   Mid-Block Pedestrian Table 2012 Revision PDF (155kb) DWG (139kb)
2294   Intersection Pedestrian Table PDF (237kb) DWG (226kb)
2295   Pedestrian Refuge  PDF (135kb) DWG (66kb)