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Standard Detail Drawings - 2100 Series General Information

2100 Series - General Information (pdf/5.0mb/24pp)
(entire series in PDF format) 2012 Revision
Individual Drawings are provided in both PDF and DWG file formats.
DWG files require software such as AutoCAD or MicroStation.
2120   Survey Marker  PDF (153kb) DWG (165kb)
2124   Accessible Signage PDF (285kb) DWG (767kb)
2131   Sign Post Installation PDF (163kb) DWG (83kb)
2132   Raised Pavement Marker Layout PDF (107kb) DWG (79kb)
2133-1   Median Nose Signing – Type A & B 2012 Revision PDF (148kb) DWG (63kb)
2133-2   Median Or Shoulder Signing PDF (132kb) DWG (43kb)
2134-1   Street Name Signs – Type A PDF (185kb) DWG (732kb)
2134-2   Street Name Signs – Type B PDF (232kb) DWG (762kb)
2134-3   Street Name Signs – 18” Metro PDF (256kb) DWG (1.5mb)
2134-4   Street Name Signs – 24” Metro PDF (695kb) DWG (5.6mb)
2134-5   Directional Street Name Sign PDF (118kb) DWG (120kb)
2135   Street Name Sign w/Stop Installation PDF (164kb) DWG (266kb)
2136   Advance Street Name Signs PDF (413kb) DWG (1.9mb)
2137   Loop Detectors PDF (165kb) DWG (395kb)
2138   Signal Pole Drilling Detail PDF (118kb) DWG (279kb)
2139   Traffic Signal Controller Cabinet Extender PDF (147kb) DWG (44kb)
2140   Model 330 Input Rack Wiring Instructions PDF (449kb) DWG (42kb)
2141   Tape Color Codes For Traffic Signal Wiring PDF (284kb) DWG (53kb)
2146-1   Refuse Enclosure PDF (173kb) DWG (120kb)
2146-2   Refuse Enclosure With Grease Containment Area PDF (170kb) DWG (122kb)
2147-1   Double Refuse Enclosure PDF (143kb) DWG (107kb)
2147-2   Double Refuse Enclosure With Grease Containment Area PDF (178kb) DWG (94kb)
2165-1   16’ Sliding Gate & Hinged Door PDF (175kb) DWG (218kb)
2165-2   16’ Sliding Gate PDF (168kb) DWG (155kb)
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