SEDA Winners

Development Review Board City announces Scottsdale Environmental Design Award (SEDA) winners

SEDA_Logo The City of Scottsdale awarded six, home and business owners, designers and contractors with a Scottsdale Environmental Design Award (SEDA) at the August 16, 2012 Development Review Board meeting, and the August 27, 2012 City Council meeting. A variety of projects, all located in Scottsdale, were eligible for consideration, including residential and non-residential buildings and structures, open space, landscape, urban design, and public art.

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The goal of the Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program is to encourage and recognize aesthetically expressive sustainable designs that are appropriate to the upper Sonoran desert environment. This is to be a biennial awards program for recognition of design quality and public education.

The Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program is open only to projects built within the corporate limits of Scottsdale. Projects may be residential, commercial and environmental. Projects that received a Scottsdale Certificate of Occupancy and that demonstrated their intent to implement the Scottsdale Sensitive Design Principles were invited to submit.


  • Scottsdale Environmental Quality Advisory Board (EQAB)
  • Scottsdale Development Review Board (DRB)
  • Scottsdale Section American Institute of Architects (AIA ) Phoenix Metro Chapter
  • American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA ) Arizona Chapter


A five member jury for SEDA 2012 included the following design professionals:

  • Kenneth Allen, AIA
  • Lawrence Enyart, FAIA
  • Philip Weddle, AIA
  • Dr. Patricia Olson, RA
  • Leah Manbeck, ASLA


Tim Conner 480-312-7833
Steve Venker 480-312-2831

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