Formal Submittal Requirements

The Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program is focused on built projects that incorporate Sensitive Design Principles and exemplify quality design suitable to the Scottsdale upper Sonoran desert environment. As such the emphasis of the submittal, in text and photographs, should be on those components of the project that best address the Sensitive Design Principles.  




The submittal should be in the form of PDF text and images on a CD.

Provide the Identification sheet (pdf/112kb/1p) in a separate envelope, with the name of the project and Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program on the outside.

Provide a CD, with the name of the project and Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program on the disk.

Place the Identification page envelope along with the CD in an envelope labeled Scottsdale Environmental Awards Program.


Submit to:

Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards
City of Scottsdale
Planning, Neighborhood and Transportation
7447 East Indian School Road, Suite 105 (Reception Desk)
Scottsdale, Arizona  85251

Disk to include the following:

Project data form (pdf/95kb/1p): All information indicated must be accurately provided. 

Concept statement:
Focus on the Sensitive Design Principles, how they were identified, how they were addressed, their benefit to the project and surrounding area. Limit to one page or less.

Context images:
Provide minimum 2 images that illustrate the existing context indicating how the project responds to the adjacent built and natural environment.

Project photographs: Provide minimum 5 and maximum 15 pdf images that best exemplify the Sensitive Design Principals incorporated in the project.

Site plan:
(Optional) Clearly show the location of project and key features of the site and context. Include scale and North arrow.

Floor plan(s):
(Optional) Clearly illustrated floor plan(s) showing the layout of the building with interior and exterior rooms/places clearly labeled. Include scale and North arrow.

Project section:
(Optional) Clearly illustrated project section showing special organization of project. Show reference location and direction on plan.

Do not use slide transitions in your submittal. You may include more than one project on the CD. If so label with all project names. Submitted CDs will not be returned. Submitters are encouraged to retain a copy of all material submitted for their records.