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Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards 2014 (SEDA)

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2014 Call for Entries

Design professionals, residents, and businesses are invited to submit entries for SEDA (Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards). No fee is required for submittal.
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Preliminary Registration
Formal Submittal Requirements
Sensitive Design Principles



The goal of the Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program is to encourage and recognize aesthetically expressive sustainable designs that are appropriate to the upper Sonoran desert environment. This is to be a biennial awards program for recognition of design quality and public education.


Eligible Projects:

The Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program is open only to projects built within the corporate limits of Scottsdale. Projects may be residential, commercial, urban design or environmental. Owners, designers, or contractors are invited to submit projects that received a Scottsdale Certificate of Occupancy prior to January 1, 2014 and that demonstrated their intent to implement the Scottsdale Sensitive Design Principles. Individual owners, designers or contractors may submit multiple projects for consideration.  Other Scottsdale projects, such as a project that has been in existence for 25 years or more, or a project that did not require a C of O, may be submitted by the owner, the designer, or a Scottsdale resident, and will be judged based on the same Scottsdale Sensitive Design Principles.


nominations by Scottsdale Residents

Scottsdale residents are encouraged to nominate a project that they believe exemplify the Scottsdale Sensitive Design Principles. For information about Sensitive Design, please refer to the RESOURCES portion of this page.

In an effort to recognize past Scottsdale projects, the SEDA 2014 steering committee encourages the public to nominate a project that has been in existence for 25 years or more. Even though this time period pre-dates the Sensitive Design Principles, several existing buildings and developments exemplify many of these principles. The project should have retained its integrity over the years, it should be well maintained, and the owner should have taken pride in the property. The SEDA 2014 steering committee will review the nominations for the 25-year Award and forward a select few to the SEDA Jury for a decision.

Please submit a Preliminary Registration, with as much project information as you know. If you want to nominate a project, but do not know the owner, architect/designer, or contractor, then please leave space blank.

Please provide the address of your Scottsdale residence for verification purposes.  The SEDA 2014 steering committee will conduct further research to follow-up on the project that you have nominated.



Scottsdale Environmental Quality Advisory Board (EQAB)

Scottsdale Development Review Board (DRB)

Scottsdale Section American Institute of Architects (AIA) Phoenix Metro Chapter

American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Arizona Chapter


Program Schedule: 

Feb 1, 2014 – Program announcement, entry solicitation

May 16, 2014 – Submittals due

Summer 2014 – Jury Meets

Summer 2014 – Award Recipients Notified

Fall 2014 – Awards presentation at Development Review Board meeting

Fall 2014 – Recognition of award recipients at City Council meeting



The Jury members will be selected by EQAB, DRB, AIA and ASLA.  They are not eligible to submit projects to this year’s program. 


Submission Requirements:

Submission of a project is free of charge.  Submission must be in PDF format with text and photography on a CD. Refer to Submission Requirements for detail requirements and identification requirements. Read all instructions. Rules are to ensure uniform entries and for the convenience of the jury. Non-conforming entries will be disqualified.


Submission Date and Location:

Completed submissions MUST BE RECEIVED by May 16, 2014 by 4:00 p.m. M.S.T.  No late submittals will be accepted.  There is no fee required for submittal.

  Submit to: 

        Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards
        City of Scottsdale
        Planning, Neighborhood and Transportation
        7447 East Indian School Road, Suite 105 (Reception Desk)
        Scottsdale, Arizona  85251


Steve Venker 480-312-2831
Tim Conner 480-312-7