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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the City Attorney selected?
The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council. 

Where can I find a signed copy of an agreement, resolution or ordinance?
Please refer to the Scottsdale City Clerk

Whom do I contact to find an attorney or other legal assistance?
Please refer to the State Bar of Arizona

Does the City Attorney's Office represent private citizens?
The Scottsdale City Attorney's Office does not represent individuals in private legal matters and cannot provide any legal advice to individuals. Attorneys in the office represent the City of Scottsdale's elected officials and staff, City departments, and the City's boards and commissions.

How do I file a complaint against a Scottsdale police officer?
Please refer to Scottsdale Police Department Internal Affairs

How can I view a copy of a city ordinance?
Please refer to Municode

How do I find information about city building or zoning codes?
Please refer to Scottsdale Codes and Ordinances

Where do I view a copy of the Scottsdale and Arizona Laws?
Please refer to the Municode and the Arizona State Revise Statutes

Whom do I contact if I am interested in an Internship?
Please contact Joe Padilla in the City Attorney's Office by phone at 480.312.2405 or email

How do I request public records?
Please refer to Public Records Request


How may a defendant obtain a copy of the police report?
Only defendants with open cases may obtain copies of their own police reports from the Prosecutor's Office. If you are a defendant, you must deliver or mail a written request with your appropriate fee (see schedule below) to the Prosecutor's Office. 
Discovery Request Form - Complete, Print and Mail (Must have Adobe Reader)
How much does it cost for a copy of the Police Report?         
 Prosecutor Fees:
 $5.00   Non DUI Report 
 $10.00   DUI Report 
 $10.00   Audio Recording 
 $100.00   Jail DVD

  Call for Video Tapes

How long will it take to receive my police report?
We will make every attempt to process your request within 10 business days of receipt. If requesting the jail video recording, you must make a written request within 30 days of the arrest, beyond that time the jail video may be destroyed in the normal course of business. If you request the jail video, a cost may be assessed even if you do not pick up or use the recording.

I am unable to appear for my court date, what do I do?
Please refer to the Scottsdale City Court

I received a photo enforcement ticket. What do I do?
Please refer to Photo Enforcement

How do I receive information regarding code enforcement?
Please refer to Code Enforcement

How do I receive a police report if I am NOT a defendant or my case is inactive?
Please refer to Police Department Records

What do I do if I receieve a subpoena?
Please read the subpoena carefully and call the phone number indicated.

I have been charged with a crime. Am I eligible to request a Telephonic Change of Plea?
Under certain circumstances a Plea By Mail may be available if you reside out of state. Please submit a request in writing to the Scottsdale City Court 

I am a defendant. How do I find out my next court date?
Please refer to the Scottsdale City Court

I am an attorney and I would like to discuss a case with the prosecutor prior to the court date and/or I need to send the prosecutor some documents.
Please contact the Prosecutor's Office at the 480.312.2710. Please have your case information ready and included on any documents. Fax documents to 480.312.7795

How can I talk to a prosecutor about a crime I have been charged with?
If your case is a misdemeanor and being handled in Scottsdale City Court, contact the prosecutor at 480.312.2710. Please have your case information ready.


This web site has been prepared for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. The Scottsdale City Attorney's Office only represents the City of Scottsdale, it's agencies, officials, and employees on matters of public business and cannot provide legal advice to residents nor can it refer residents to private attorneys.

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