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Human Resources

9191 E. San Salvador Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Phone: 480-312-2491
Fax: 480-312-7960
Email: hr@scottsdaleaz.gov

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Our Goals

Human Resources (HR) hires, develops and retains a competent, committed and diverse workforce to provide high quality and cost-effective services to Scottsdale citizens. We accomplish our mission by partnering with the people and organization we are privileged to serve and by honoring the following guiding principles:

  • Employees are the City's most important resource.
  • People issues are handled with respect, dignity and fairness.
  • Our service is driven by integrity, professionalism and commitment to the employees values.
  • We role model excellence in teamwork, customer service and administration.


Scottsdale Employee Charitable Choice
Campaign (SECC)

The Scottsdale Employee Charitable Choice Campaign (SECC) is an annual program that allows city staff to donate to charitable organizations through payroll deductions or one-time donations. Charitable organizations may apply to participate in this program prior to May 1st each year if they meet the criteria established in Administrative Regulation #388.

Administrative Regulation #388 (pdf/46kb/4pp)