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Scottsdale Fire Divisions

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SFD released its 2014/15-2016/17 Strategic Plan. See what we'd like to accomplish in the next 3 years:
Strategic Plan (pdf/965kb/13p)


All Hazards

Your Scottsdale Fire Department is an “all hazards” fire department. In addition to responding to fires at residences and businesses, the Scottsdale Fire Department is responsible for: 
Out-of-hospital emergency medical services:  Approximately 75 percent of our emergency responses are for medical emergencies.  

Wildland firefighting:  With Scottsdale’s investment in our beautiful McDowell Sonoran Preserve, our ability to protect and defend this large area of the City from wildfire is absolutely critical.

Hazardous Materials response:  With the business activity and transportation corridors throughout Scottsdale, the capability to mitigate large, complex hazardous materials emergencies is vital to public safety. 

Technical Rescue response: Scottsdale Firefighters are trained in techniques for rescuing victims from mountains and trails, swift water, and trench or structural collapses. 

Aircraft emergencies: There are many challenges associated mitigating emergencies involving aircraft equipment, fuel, and passenger access/rescues. 

Fire Code assistance and enforcement: Fire department staff partners with business owners and managers to review the status of their built in fire protection and alarm system and the typical hazards found in different business occupancies in addition to ensuring code compliance. 

Community safety education: We are dedicated to developing our community prevention programs with focus on childhood and adult injury prevention. 

These programs are not all inclusive but give a snapshot of the significant external programs we have put into place to serve you.  If you have additional questions or would like more information, please contact us at fire@scottsdaleaz.gov


Thank you for your interest in the Scottsdale Fire Department!