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Former Scottsdale Mayor William C. "Bill" Jenkins

Former Scottsdale Mayor William C. "Bill" Jenkins passed away in July 2008.

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Bill Jenkins was sworn in as Scottsdale Mayor on July 18, 1974. He served until 1980. He also served on the Scottsdale City Council from 1966 to 1974.

The 1974 Scottsdale City Council was comprised of (pictured in the image "Scottsdale City Council 1974" from left to right) Herb Drinkwater (who would later serve four terms as mayor), Paul Messinger; Heinz Hink, Mayor Bill Jenkins, Billie Gentry, Dick Campana and Charlie Smith.

Mayor Jenkins guided Scottsdale through an era of rapid growth and challenging economic times. Here he can be seen participating in the groundbreaking for a project on what is today the Civic Center Mall.

During Mayor Jenkins' tenure, the Scottsdale Center for the Arts opened. Here he poses with singer Roger Miller, one of the performers at the October 1975 grand opening.

Scottsdale garnered national attention for its innovation under Mayor Jenkins' leadership. In 1978, Mike Wallace and the crew from CBS' 60 Minutes interviewed Mayor Jenkins for a segment on the cost and administrative benefits of the city's fire protection contract with the Rural/Metro Corp.

Mayor Jenkins passed away in July 2008.