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Mort Kimsey, Mayor*

Mildred Bratzel (resigned 02/16/60)

Robert Hutchins (appointed 10/20/60)

Moya Kelley (appointed 02/16/60)*

John Knudsen*

John Marron*

John Pickrell**

William Schrader*

Austin Smith (resigned 09/20/60)**

02/16/1960 - Councilmember Bratzel resigned; Councilmember Kelley appointed
02/23/1960 - Special Charter Election (approved 240 to 47)
03/07/1960 - Scottsdale's first Charter was approved by Governor Paul Fannin, but later ruled invalid by the Courts
*04/19/1960 - Primary Election (canvassed 04/25/60); Mayor and four Councilmembers elected
- General Election (canvassed 05/31/60); two Councilmembers elected
- Mayor and six Councilmembers sworn into office.  As required by the new Charter to stagger the intial Council terms, Kimsey, Knudsen, Marron, and Schrader received two-year terms; Kelley, Pickrell, and Smith received one-year terms.
09/20/1960 - Councilmembern Smith resigned during the 09/20/60 Council meeting, after casting the single vote against expanding the City Sewer System
10/20/1960 - Councilmember Hutchins appointed



Mort Kimsey, Mayor

C.W. "Bill" Clayton**

William Flanigan**

John Knudsen

John Marron

Arthur Petersen**

William Schrader

02/21/1961 - Primary Election (canvassed 02/27/61)
**03/28/1961 - General Election (canvassed 04/03/61)
04/04/1961 - Three Councilmembers sworn into office
04/17/1961 - The City reverted back to a common law City because the first Charter election was ruled invalid by the Courts.  As a result, at the 04/17/61 Council meeting, former Councilmembers Moya Kelley, E.G. Scott, John Pickrell, and Robert Hutchins returned and resigned one at a time, and, respectively, the newly-elected Councilmembers Arthur Petersen, John Knudsen, C.W. “Bill” Clayton, and William J. Flanigan were appointed to succeed them.  Before tendering his resignation, Councilmember Pickrell asked to go on record as opposing the Heinrick Thiele water survey because he did not believe it was a logical or appropriate expenditure with the City being short of finances.  Councilmembers Kelley and Schrader also voiced objections before tendering their resignations.  The "new" Councilmembers were sworn into office at the same meeting.
06/12/1961 - Second Freeholder Election held (canvassed 06/20/61)
09/05/1961 - Acting as a Charter Commission, the City's second Board of Freeholders submitted the City's second Charter
10/31/1961 - Special Charter Election (approved 209 to 60)
11/16/1961 - Second Charter was approved by Governor Paul Fannin

Board of Freeholders:
Charles Christakis, Chairman
Daniel Weisberger, Vice-Chairman
Robert D. Gruntz, Secretary
Donald H. Collar
John Cummings
Harry Hyder
John A. LaSota
John H. Matthews
Sam R. Russell
Thomas A. Sams, Jr.
Gailaen G. Scott
Andy Segedy
Elmer L. Smith
Malcolm S. White



William Schrader, Mayor**

Herb Caywood**

C.W. "Bill" Clayton**

Thomas Hunter**

Trent Meacham**

Boyd Parker**

John Woudenberg**

02/20/1962 - Primary Election (canvassed 02/26/62)
**03/22/1962 - General Election (canvassed 04/02/62); Mayor and six Councilmembers elected under the new Charter
04/03/1962 - Mayor and six Councilmembers sworn into office



William Schrader, Mayor

Herb Caywood

C.W. "Bill" Clayton

Tom Felke (appointed 06/18/63; resigned 09/03/63)

Thomas Hunter

Trent Meacham (resigned 06/18/63)

Boyd Parker

Henry Reuss (appointed 10/01/63)

John Woudenberg

06/18/1963 - Councilmember Meacham resigned because he was transferring out of the City; Councilman Felke appointed
09/03/1963 - Councilmember Felke resigned due to too many conflicts of interest between his office and his occupation
10/01/1963 - Councilmember Reuss appointed 
10/29/1963 - Special Bond Election for sewer system improvement revenue bonds in the principal amount of $7.5M; approved 1,409 to 232 (canvassed 11/12/63)



John Woudenberg, Mayor (resigned 09/29/64)**

C.W. "Bill" Clayton, Mayor (appointed Mayor 10/06/64)**

Richard Auxier (appointed 10/20/64)

Herb Caywood**

Leonard Johnson**

Joseph Meier**

John Senini**

Bud Tims**

02/18/1964 - Primary Election (canvassed 02/25/64)
03/24/1964 - General Election (canvassed 03/31/66)
04/05/1966 - Mayor and six Councilmembers sworn into office**
09/29/1964 - A Special Council Meeting was held for the purpose of considering the resignation of two city officials.  Mayor Woudenberg resigned, citing pressures of his business.  A reporter from the Scottsdale Progress was permitted to read a series of prepared questions to which the Council responded.  Planning Commissioner Tilton Keefe resigned at the same meeting.
10/20/1964 - Councilmember Clayton appointed Mayor; Councilmember Auxier appointed



C.W. "Bill" Clayton, Mayor (passed away 12/21/65)

Richard Auxier

Herb Caywood

Leonard Johnson

Joseph Meier

John Senini

Bud Tims

12/21/1965 - Mayor Clayton passed away


Bud Tims, Mayor (appointed Mayor 01/06/66)*

William Jenkins**

Leonard Johnson*

Robert Jones**

Doris McCauley*

C. Ken Murray (appointed 01/06/66)*

John Senini*

01/04/1966 - Councilmember Johnson criticized the public address system
01/06/1966 - Councilmember Tims was appointed Mayor due to the untimely death of Mayor Clayton, at which time the Council also appointed Councilmember Murray to fill Mayor Tims' unexpired Council term.  At this meeting, newly appointed Mayor Tims stated that he was withdrawing his name from 02/15/66 Primary Election ballot as a Council candidate, and would offer himself as a write-in candidate for Mayor instead.
*02/15/1966 - Primary Election (canvassed 03/01/66); Mayor and four Councilmembers elected
**03/22/1966 - General Election (canvassed 03/28/66); two Councilmembers elected
04/05/1966 - Mayor and six Councilmembers sworn into office
09/27/1966 - Special Bond Election for construction of the City Hall and Library; approved 3,608 to 1,874 (canvassed 10/10/66)



Bud Tims, Mayor 

William Jenkins 

Leonard Johnson 

Robert Jones

Doris McCauley 

C. Ken Murray

John Senini

11/07/1967 - Special Eection for six Charter amendments; all six questions approved (canvassed 11/13/67)



Bud Tims, Mayor*

Heinz Hink. (appointed 09/03/68)

William Jenkins*

Leonard Johnson*

Robert Jones*

Doris McCauley (resigned, effective 08/30/68)* 

C. Ken Murray* 

John Senini*

*02/20/1968 - Primary Election (canvassed 02/26/68); Mayor and six Councilmembers elected to staggered two-year and four-year terms, as required by the Charter.  Councilmembers Johnson, McCauley, and Senini received two-year terms; Mayor Tims and Councilmembers Jenkins, Jones, and Murray received four-year terms.
04/02/1968 - Mayor and Council sworn into office
09/03/1968 - Councilmember McCauley's resignation accepted (effective 08/30/68); Councilmember Hink appointed



Bud Tims, Mayor 

Heinz Hink

William Jenkins

Leonard Johnson

Robert Jones

C. Ken Murray

John Senini