If a defendant owing money to the Scottsdale City Court for fines, fees, sanctions, court costs, restitution or other assessments fails to:

  1. Pay the amount owing in full on the date of sentencing.
  2. Fails to process through the Fines Enforcement Division of the Scottsdale City Court and enter into a contract for repayment of all money owed on the day of sentencing.
  3. Fails to appear for a Non Payment of Fine Review or Collection Hearing as ordered by the Scottsdale City Court.

or any combination of the above, the Scottsdale City Court will refer the case to a collection agency.  This will assess additional fees.   

The collection agency is authorized to:

    1.  garnish the defendant's wages

    2.  notify a credit bureau of the unpaid balance

    3.  prevent the re-registration of your vehicle(s) in Arizona (if applicable)

Additionally, the Court will notify the Arizona Department of Revenue for interception of the defendant's state income tax refund or lottery winnings.  Intercepted funds will be forwarded to the Court to settle unpaid fines and fees.

The collection agency used by the Scottsdale City Court is Arizona Supreme Court Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement Program (FARE), Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) State and Local Solutions D.B.A.
LDC Collection Systems

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