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New Administrative Fees

At the beginning of the fiscal year, July 01, 2011, the Court was authorized to charge Administrative Fees for both acceptance into the Home Detention/Electronic Monitoring Program (HDEM) and for Defendant requested modifications of Confinement Orders.  The Court is putting these fees into effect on Friday, August 05, 2011.

 A $25.00 Confinement Order Modification Fee will be assessed to any case where a motion is granted to modify a jail order.  As in the HDEM Administration Fee, this fee applies to all cases where a defendant has requested a jail order modification regardless of the date of violation.  Court Order 11-01 (pdf/74.3kb/1pp) authorizes this fee.

A $25.00 HDEM Administration Fee will be assessed at sentencing to all applicable cases where the defendant qualifies and HDEM is granted.  This fee applies to all cases where HDEM is sentenced regardless of the date of violation.  Court Order 11-02 (pdf/74.9kb/1pp) authorizes this fee.

For more information, the Schedule of Rates and Fees lists all fines and fees associated with Scottsdale City Court cases.

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