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Councilman Guy Phillips

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Councilman Guy Phillips began his first term on the Scottsdale City Council in January 2013.


Councilman Phillips was raised in Phoenix where he graduated from Camelback High School in 1977. He moved to Scottsdale in 1994.


He attended Maricopa Community College and subsequently started the air conditioning contracting business that he still owns and operates today. He is also a general contractor whose business was one of the first to implement Scottsdale’s Green Building Program. In addition to being a licensed contractor, Councilman Phillips was formerly a licensed realtor.


He is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Arizona Small Business Association, the North Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, the Heritage Foundation, the National Rifle Association, and the Arizona Archaeological Society.


Scottsdale is where Guy Phillips met his wife Cora, and together they raised a family of five children who all attended Scottsdale public schools.


Councilman Phillips is an amateur artist and published writer who likes to rebuild muscle-cars in his spare time. He has created many start-up businesses with a patent pending. He is a firm believer that small business is the backbone of the country, and has mentored others through the business process.


Quote:“Evil triumphs when good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke


Last Updated: January 2013