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Article 10: Initiative, referendum and recall

Sec. 1. Initiative, referendum and recall.

There is hereby reserved to the electors of the city the powers of the initiative and referendum and of the recall of elective officers. The provisions of the constitution and general laws of the state, as the same now exist or hereafter may be amended, governing the initiative and referendum and recall of elected officers shall apply in the city. No initiative measure, however, may change or alter, or remove or limit, any power, right, duty, privilege or immunity conferred by or established by this charter, and no initiative measure which in any way conflicts with a provision of this charter or responsibilities conferred by it, shall, to the extent of such conflict, be operative. All city matters on which the council is or shall be empowered to legislate may be submitted by the council, of its own motion, to the electors for adoption or rejection at a general or special election in the same manner and with the same force and effect as matters submitted on petition.