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Uses Allowed in Single-Family Districts

Below is a sampling of uses allowed in single-family districts. In addition to homes, there are a number of uses that are allowed, some by-right and some with a Conditional Use Permit.


Allowed By-Right *

Allowed with
conditional Use Permit +

  • Adult Care Homes (pdf/96kb)
  • Day Care
  • Home Occupations
  • Municipal Uses
  • Public and Charter Schools
  • Churches and Places of Worship

*Subject to specific criteria.

+ Conditional Use Permits require approval
   by the City Council.

Short term stay rentals (less than 30 days), such as vacation rentals and Bed & Breakfast boutique hotels, are not allowed in Single Family Residential dsitricts.

adult care homes

Assisted Living Homes are protected by the federal Fair Housing Act Amendment of 1988 and are permitted in all single-family residential neighborhoods in the City subject to the following Scottsdale Zoning Ordinance criteria:

  • Limiting the square-footage of the home to no more than 35% of the lot area
  • Limited to ten (10) residents
  • Restricting the proximity of licensed homes to each other
  • Requiring homes to be compatible with the neighborhood
  • Limiting off-street parking required for staff

Assisted Living Homes:

  • Provide long-term care within a residential setting 
  • Licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services

Important Considerations:

  • The City does not require neighborhood notification for uses permitted within the zoning district.


Arizona Dept. of Health Services (Office of Assisted Living Licensing)-(602) 364-2639
Foundation for Senior Living-(602) 285-1800


day Care homes

Day Care Group Homes in a single family residential zoning district permits up to ten (10) persons for periods of less than 24 hours subject to licensing by the AZ Department of Health Services. Day Care Homes in single-family zoning districts are allowed up to four (4) persons for periods of less than 24 hours. Facilities may be registered and/or licensed with the AZ Department of Health Services. For more information please visit: www.azdhs.gov/childcare/index.htm


Home Occupations

A home occupation is permitted in single family zoning dstricts only as an ancillary use to the dwelling as a single family home. The following list reflects the minimum requirements necessary to qualify as a home occupation. It is provided for convenience only and does not replace the ordinance itself.

Please contact Tax & License at 480-312-2400 for information on licensing a home occupation.

  1. The home occupation must be a secondary use of the dwelling unit and shall not alter the exterior of the building or affect the residential character of the neighborhood.
  2. No one who does not reside in the dwelling unit may be employed by the home occupation.
  3. No exterior display, no exterior storage, no signage and no other exterior indication of the home occupation is allowed.
  4. No part of the carport or garage or accessory buildings may be used for the home occupation.
  5. There shall be no commodity sold or exchanged upon the premises.
  6. No mechanical equipment is allowed except that would be normally used for domestic, hobby, standard office or household purposes.
  7. The home occupation shall not generate any inordinate pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Horses, Livestock & Other Animals

Animals (including horses and other livestock) are regulated by the Maricopa County Health Department and by rules/regulations enforced by Homeowner's Associations or Covenants, Codes & Restrictions (CC&R's).

The City of Scottsdale does have regulations pertaining to:

  1. commercial boarding or training
  2. nuisances such as flies or odors

See Farms, Ranches & Stables