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Zoning Research Tools

Parcel Zoning District Look-Up

The city of Scottsdale provides an easy way to look up zoning through our Digital Map Center. The Digital Map Center requires the use of Microsoft Internet Explorer with pop-up blockers disabled.

  • For interactive maps, use this link Land Information Web.
  • For pre-formatted (print-ready) maps, use the Digital Print Room; registration required.
  • Zoning Verification: The city does not issue zoning verification letters; we recommend that you print our digital maps for your files and confirm zoning yourself by contacting the city's full-service Records Department and by obtaining the official adopted Zoning Ordinance for the property.

Case / Permit History

  • Case History for recent years can be found using our Case File Search online.
  • Permit History for the past few years can be found online using our Permit Search.
  • To view and/or obtain copies of historical records visit the Records Counter at 7447 E Indian School Rd, Suite 105 (open 8AM - 5PM Mon-Fri except Wed, when they open at 9AM).
  • For more information call 480-312-2356.

Code Violation History

  • For current violations, use our Code Enforcement Maps.
  • For additional information contact Code Enforcement at 480-312-2546.

Use Restrictions / Development Standards

  • The zoning code provides a list of uses allowed and development standards in each district. To find the district regulations, go to Appendix B of the City Code. leavingcos.gif (340 bytes) Call 480-312-7800 if you need assistance.
  • Instructions for Accessing Online Zoning Code (pdf/212kb/3pp)
  • Please Note: Many subdivisions/developments have adopted Amended Development Standards. The standards listed in the code would no longer apply, in part or in whole. To determine the exact regulations for a specific property, submit a Setback Request online or call 480-312-2500.