Requesting a Interpretation

Zoning Interpretations can be requested by any property owner, and must be made in writing to the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator shall respond in writing to such requests for ordinance interpretations or other decisions within 45 days from the date of the written request, provided no building permits have been issued on the subject development.

The presumption established in the ordinance is that all general uses are permissible within at least 1 zoning district. Therefore, as the use regulations set forth in each district cannot be all inclusive, those uses listed in each district shall be interpreted liberally to include other uses which have similar impacts to the listed uses. However, the use regulations shall not be interpreted to allow a use in 1 zoning district which more closely relates to a use that is permissible in another zoning district.

For information on requesting Zoning Interpretations, contact the Current Planning office at 480-312-7000.