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Site Plan Requirements - ESL and Cactus Corridor

Minimum Submittal Requirements for Site Plan Submittal

Subdivision Walls


Site Plan submittal requirements for single-family residential fence, wall or retaining wall for pre-graded lots with established NAOS:

  • Site Plan must show entire lot and be to scale. 
    Acceptable scales are 1" = 10', 1" = 20', and 1/8" = 1'.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Site Data
    Provide a complete legal description, zoning, north arrow, quarter section number, site address, subdivision and lot number.  If the city has not assigned a legal address to the parcel(s), please submitt a Addressing Request (pdf/215kb/1p)

  • Locations & Dimensions
    Show location of all existing buildings/structures on the lot, dimensioned setbacks (both required and actual), and any other buildings or structures, including walls.

  • Native Plants
    Provide all native plant information from city-approved salvage contractor (pdf/733kb/1p) or provide note saying:  NO NATIVE PLANTS TO BE DISTURBED.

  • Vicinity/Location Map

  • Show contours and/or spot grade elevations (existing and proposed) including any drainage facilities.

  • Planned Grading
    Show and callout any grading required for construction of fence/wall.

  • Drainage
    Provide means to convey drainage through fence/wall as required.

  • Drainage Report
    All custom lot submittals may require a revised drainage report for the specific improvement.  If required, a drainage report may be obtained through the services of a Civil Engineer.

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) block
    FEMA block (pdf/40kb/1p) shall be completed, and lowest floor elevation called out on plan.  This information can be obtained from the Records Department, 480-312-2356.

  • Easements, Etc.
    Show all existing and proposed easements, right-of-way and tracts.

  • Elevations
    Provide Top of Wall (T/W) and Finished Grade (F/G) elecations periodically along proposed wall.  If not applicable, provide exact finished wall height.

  • Fence/Wall Detail
    Provide a detail on the plan for all fence/wall types.  Only non-retaining walls may reference the COS Standard Detail for 6" - 8" CMU Wall.

  • Fence Location - Distance from House, Property Line
    Indicated distance from house to proposed fence/wall and from fence/wall to property line.

  • Lineal Footage
    New lineal footage of fence and retaining wall shall be clearly called out on site plan for permitting purposes 

  • Provide three (3) copies of new site plan

  • Provide one (1) copy of previously approved site plan, if available

  • NOTE: Additional items may or may not be required dependent upon individual site location and/or proposal for construction. 


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