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Fences and Walls on Custom Lots

Please show the following information on a 24"X 36" Site Plan (must be sealed by a civil engineer if located in an 'A' Flood Zone or if required by reviewing city engineer as a correction.)

  • Show horizontal location of all fences and walls
  • Location of all openings (drainage features)
  • Size and description of openings
  • Configuration of all lot-to-lot or lot-to-tract flows
  • Footing and details and materials for all fences and retaining walls
  • Structural calculations for all fences and retaining walls or attach city approved fence standards for non-retaining walls (Standard Plans - pdf/392kb/5pp)
  • Show top of footer and top of wall elevations for all fences and walls
  • Show location of all easements (to include 5' offset for re-vegetation or 5' buffer for NAOS if applicable)
  • Show elevation height of all fences and walls

Please submit 3 copies of new or revised Grading and Drainage plan with fence details and 1 copy of the city approved site plan for the house for review.  Site plans, if available, can be obtained from the Records Department, 480-312-2356.


Plans should be submitted to the One Stop Shop for plan review an permitting.