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Site Plan Requirements - NON-ESL

Minimum Submittal Requirements for Site Plan Submittal

Sample Site Plan (pdf/kb/1pp)

Site plan submittal requirements for a fence, or wall, on a non-ESL single-family residential lot:

  • Site plan must show entire lot and be to scale. Examples of acceptable scales are 1" = 10’, 1” = 20’, 1/8” = 1’
  • Site plan must be legible and scale shall accurately reflect parcel configuration
  • Site Data - Provide site address, zoning, north arrow, assessor’s parcel number (APN), quarter section number, subdivision, lot number and square footage of the lot. If the city has not assigned a legal address to the parcel(s), please submit a Addressing Request (pdf/58kb/1p)
  • Provide Zoning
  • Label Lot dimensions
  • Identify street dimensions and sidewalk improvements
  • Label and call out the square footage for all existing and proposed
  • Label and dimension all easements (represent on plan with dashed lines)
  • Label and dimension all required setbacks to the property line
  • Label and dimension all proposed setbacks
       (property line to structure, and all distances between structures)
  • Include FEMA block - Additions that are located within a flood zone or are
       adjacent to washes cannot be reviewed without approval from Stormwater
       Management staff. This information can be obtained bycalling Records dept. at

  • Questions?

    Contact the One Stop Shop at 480-312-2500 or e-mail planninginfo@scottsdaleaz.gov.