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Fences and Walls

The information provided is for single-family residential properties, for other uses contact the One Stop Shop at 480-312-2500.

Height Limitation on walls and fences - Basic Zoning Ordinance Sec. 7.104


Permits are required when:

Building any fence over 3-feet in height. No permit required for constructing Wall/Fence which is less than 3' in height. (Site plan approval will verify setbacks and property lines).

  • Adding additional height to existing fences over 3-feet in height. Engineered plans may be required when adding height to existing fences.
  • Constructing a retaining wall. All retaining walls require engineered plans to be submitted and approved by the City.
  • Building dry stack stone or interlocking block walls over 30-inches in height.
  • Replacing an existing fence. The same requirements apply when replacing an existing fence as apply when building a new fence.

Key Resources  



Before removing the fence, check with the One Stop Shop on-call planner to make sure the fence is not non-conforming. Non-conforming fences that are removed cannot be replaced in the same, non-conforming location and will be required to meet current zoning specifications related to placement, height, etc.

No permit is required if minor repairs to the fence are NOT changing LOCATION...HEIGHT...or MATERIALS.


Detail Drawings

Minimum Standards for 8" Masonry Wall (pdf/118kb/1p)
Minimum Standards for 6" Masonry Wall (pdf/118kb/1p)
Minimum Standards for 4" Masonry Wall (pdf/37kb/1p)
Minimum Standards for Retaining Walls 4 ft or Less (pdf/61kb/1p/4-9-09)


2515-1 Wall Opening & Erosion Protection - Type 1 PDF (283kb) DWG (205kb)
2515-2 Drainage Grate At Block Wall PDF (217kb) DWG (115kb)
2515-3 Erosion Protection - Type 2 PDF (267kb) DWG (264kb)


Submittal Resources

Submittal Checklist

  1. 3 copies of Grading and Drainage site plan (if in ESL) – or - 3 site plans (if non ESL) with minimum site plan requirements on 24” x 36” plan
  2. 1 copy of the original, city-approved, site plan
  3. 1 copy of color aerial photo (2005 or more recent)
  4. Fence details
  5. Easement consent (written authorization to encroach the easement) must be obtained from each party if built within, or across a Public Utility Easement (PUE), Rights-of-way, or common property line.
  6. If in flood zone A, plans must be sealed by a civil engineer

Over the Counter Review is available if: (same submittal requirements apply)

  • The proposed Walls/Fences are less than or equal to 6' high.
  • The property is NOT within the Cactus Corridor (Loop 101 to FLW Blvd, Shea to Thunderbird).
  • For properties in the ESL area where the wall locations and details are approved on the subdivision Grading & Drainage plan.