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Valet Ordinance

Valet parking benefits businesses and their patrons by alleviating perceived parking deficiencies, enhancing customer service, and encouraging maximum use of less accessible parking spaces. However, unregulated valet parking can cause traffic flow stoppages, unanticipated traffic movements, parking violations and unauthorized use of public areas and private parking spaces.

Scottsdale's Valet Parking Ordinance regulates valet parking where its undesirable effects significantly affect public areas or public safety.  The city is updating the ordinance to revise the application process, expand licensing requirements and enchance regulations and enforcement.

major changes in the valet parking ordinance:

  • Revised application process
  • Added dates of signatures by businesses served by the valet parking operator
  • Added optional ultra panels and revised directional signs placement
  • Added specifications for parking spaces leases
  • Raised fees to reflect application processing costs and use of City property
  • Regulated the placement of cones and ultra panels before the valet parking stations opens
  • Simplified number of valet parking attendants to the number needed to keep travel lanes open, with a minimum of two attendants at all times the valet parking station is open
  • Required the valet parking station to be adjacent to the business it serves
  • Expanded beyond Downtown, to require valet parking licenses for all operations in the City that are not conducted solely on private property
  • Added three reasons for suspending valet parking operations:
    • Failure to obey a lawful order of a City police officer
    • Conducting valet parking operation in violation of the application as approved
    • Operating in conflict with a special event
  • Added three reasons for revoking or cancelling a valet parking license:
    • Revoking a valet parking license, even if operation is in conformance with an approved license, if operation proves to be a risk to public health, safety or welfare
    • Cancelling a valet parking license if the business it serves closes
    • Cancelling a valet parking license if the business it serves terminates its relationship with the valet parking operator


Valet Parking Application (pdf/308kb/10pp)

Current Ordinance

Summary of changes to the Valet Parking Ordinance (pdf/114kb/1p)

Valet Parking Fee Schedule (pdf/168kb/1p)

Proposed Valet Parking Ordinance Revisions (pdf/152kb/20pp)


Walt Brodzinski
Traffic Engineering
Email:  wbrodzinski@scottsdaleaz.gov