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Permit Submittal Requirements

If you are installing only a pool, then only a pool permit is required. The permit will cover the actual building of the pool and related electrical and plumbing work. To obtain the permit, you will need to submit a construction plan showing how the pool will be constructed as well as a plot plan showing the location of the pool and any required setbacks.

Planning on adding a waterfall feature to an existing pool? 
You'll need a pool engineer's certification that the pool is structurally capable of handling the addition to obtain a permit. Sample Pool Inspection Card (PDF)

Removing a Pool or Spa?
A minimum electric permit is required to inspect electrical and plumbing.

If the pool, hot tub or spa has a gas heater, a separate plumbing permit is required to install the gas line available online.  A separate mechanical permit is required to add heaters to an existing pool or to replace the existing unit. Once the gas line is installed, and before it is covered over, it is required to be inspected and tested so the inspector can determine that there are no leaks. The heater location is inspected to determine compliance. The heater vent installation shall comply with the manufacturer's listing and the IRC. Please be aware that part of the inspection is to make sure that any windows, doors, etc., within 5' of the tub have tempered glass. Also any electrical and any metal post, poles and the like, within 5' are grounded and bonded.

If you are installing an in-ground concrete (gunite) spa, plans and permits are required.

The following is necessary to obtain a permit for swimming pools and spas:

  • The correct address, lot number and recorded plat name or legal description.
  • The County Tax Assessor book-map-parcel number for the lot.
  • The complete name, address and phone number of the owners.

The city requires an original site plan (copies no longer accepted) for pool plan submittals for properties zoned ESL. 

Site Plans

Pool Site Plan Requirements (PDF)

Show the location (dimensioned setbacks) 
of the pool or spa in relation to the property lines, easements and house, also the items listed below:

  1. access route (to pool area)
  2. staging area for materials
  3. NAOS (if any)
  4. native plants (if any)
  5. pool fence location & height of fencing

If there is an existing Natural Area Open Space Easement, a copy of the City approved 24"X 36"site plan is necessary showing the location of the pool or spa on the plan. (all structures are to be 5' from any NAOS.)

If the property is zoned ESL or NAOS and has not been dedicated it may be necessary to dedicate NAOS on the property prior to the issuance of a permit.

If the client does not have approved pool plan standards already on file with the City of Scottsdale, they will have to provide 2 sets of pool design detail plans and calculations sealed by an Arizona registered structural engineer.

Special features 

The City will accept Special Feature details and calculations to enable you to create a Standard Plan. After the Standard plan has been approved you will only need to indicate the Plan Review number on the site plan when applying for a permit. This should help to eliminate additional fees and time to obtain your permits.

Special features require engineering calculations and are required at submittal for plan review.

A plan review fee will be charged and a review done on the calculations prior to the issuance of a permit.


- Site Plan (2 complete sets)
   wet sealed

- 2 sets of Calcs