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Backwashing or Emptying a Swimming Pool


Helpful Hints

Things to Avoid

  • Use the water on your own property to irrigate the landscaping. To lessen negative impacts to plants test for the following: pH 6.5 to 8.5 and chlorine below 0.1 mg/l. Drain the pool over a few day period so the water can soak in and will not leave your property.

  • Use the sewer clean out on your own property. Empty at a slow rate, or it may cause the sanitary sewer to back up. You may need to rent a pump to ensure that the flow rate is less than 12 gallons per minute.

  • Call a septic tank hauler to pump the water and dispose of it properly.

  • Do not drain the pool to the street, alleyway, or other city right-of-way.

  • Do not drain the pool into a sanitary sewer manhole in the street.

  • Do not drain the pool into a storm sewer inlet or drainage channel.

  • Do not drain onto adjacent property, drainage easements, and watercourses.