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Subdivision Entryway Signs

Process For Residential Entryway Sign Review, Approval and Permitting

A residential entry sign is a sign placed at the entrance of an apartment complex or single-family subdivision in order to identify the name of the development. A permit from the City of Scottsdale is required for an entry sign.

STEP 1: Obtain Sign Permit Application and other forms

Sign Permit Application (PDF/66kb/2pps/6-8-05)

Applicant will need the Sign Permit Application Form

If location of sign is proposed in a Drainage Easement the applicant will need:

  1. The Release and Rededication of Drainage Easement forms.
  2. Legal Graphic and Legal Description for current easement and proposed easement, and
  3. Letter of authorization from HOA.
  4. A fee is required to release an easement.

STEP 2: Submit application to One-Stop-Shop

See the submittal checklist on the sign permit application for specific requirements.

A plan review fee is required for review of the residential entryway sign.

Residential Entryway Signs Criteria

  1. The maximum number of signs on each side of entry shall be one (1) sign.
  2. The maximum number of signs for each entrance shall be two (2) signs.
  3. The area of each such sign per entry shall not exceed twenty-four (24) square feet.
  4. The maximum height of such sign shall be five (5) feet of sign area measured from natural grade.
  5. Such sign shall be located adjacent to the entry driveway a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet.
  6. Such sign shall be architecturally compatible with other signs and with other structures on the site.
  7. This sign may be double faced only when one (1) such sign is used for the development.

STEP 3: Staff will review application and approve or return to applicant with comments and corrections.

STEP 4: Applicant will make corrections to plans according to staff comments and return to One-Stop-Shop counter. Include the original plans with staff corrections.

STEP 5: When sign plans are approved, the applicant will be notified by staff and the permit can be obtained at the One-Stop-Shop.


Questions on how to obtain a sign permit or code information?

Please contact the Development Services Department at 480-312-2500.